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Presenting: From Under The Red Carpet: The Interview

Justine Belieber is back and discussing politics! From common core to the presidency and terrorism, she's got something to say!

From Whatsit Productions Films comes the latest daytime talk show sensation... Join Susie Sloshered with her celebrity guest hosts. Justine Belieber (Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel) answers all your questions about Justin Bieber! Interview with Suzie Sloshered (Peg Heron Heidel), host of From Under The Red Carpet. 

With special thanks to those whose hundreds of comments on our Justin Bieber DOLLY video provided the basis for the content. We apologize to you for the dialogue. We at Whatsit Productions Films do not endorse nor condone profanity. We were appalled at the overwhelming amount of crude and threatening expletives from the young Belieber commenters.

We are not haters in any sense of the term. We believe.
Thank you for watching,

XO Peg and Maggie Lynn

Parental Guidance is suggested for those under the age of 14.

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