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Guest Stars

Harry James 

Harry James has graced the screen as various characters in Whatsit Productions Films videos. Most recently he appears in the recurring role of Dr. Maximus Groyne in our web series ONE WIFE TO GIVE. Athletic by nature Harry is a trophy-winning competition swimmer and holds the record of 29.10' for a long jump in Rye, NY. Harry is also known for his role as Mr. Sandman in real life ventures. 

Cliff Ferraro

Cliff Ferraro plays the role of Melvin Scoreezi in our soapomedy TV show ONE WIFE TO GIVE. A member of SAG-AFTRA, Cliff has graced the screen in a number of movies, TV series, and documentaries. He prides himself on accepting roles of diversified genres and is passionate about acting. One of his pet phrases just happens to be "I love acting" .

Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker is an actor and model based in the UK and portrays the character Fraunces in our series IT'S TEA OR THE DOG. Ryan has appeared in numerous films, commercials, music videos, and has an impressive modeling portfolio. He holds a Black belt in Karate, enjoys running, working out, and swimming. Ryan also is an avid animal lover.

Dave Lounder

Professional film actor Dave Lounder joins the ONE WIFE TO GIVE cast as cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hans Fondler. A former AM and FM radio personality and movie theatre operator, Dave practices veganism, is an animal rights activist, and animal rescuer. He dabbles in the buying and selling of antiques and collectibles, with all proceeds benefitting his non-profit animal rescue organization Dave Lounder Enterprises. Dave shares his home with six cats and two dogs.
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George Linkletter

George Linkletter makes his Whatsit Productions Films debut in our web series ONE WIFE TO GIVE as Captain Sextant. George has appeared in the feature movie COLLEGE ROAD TRIP. He has a diverse background and owns Linkletter Communications, a PR and marketing firm he established in '85. And in addition George has held the prestigious title of Selectman of Sherman, CT.

Sam Crompton

Making his debut in our TV and web series ONE WIFE TO GIVE, Sam Crompton is by day a master electrician and originally from New Zealand. Sam resides in CT at the foothills of Litchfield County with his beautiful wife and young son. He is a lover of nature and recently created a butterfly garden to illustrate to his son the magnificence of the endangered monarch butterfly. Recently Sam was named a recipient of the Community Recognition Award in CT for acts of kindness and compassion. We at Whatsit Productions Films are not surprised in the least by this!

Frank Spaziani 

Frank Spaziani made his premier appearance with Whatsit Productions as Haygar The Viking. Bringing his technical expertise to an on-location scene that presented several challenges, we were able to film the video smoothly. Frank is Facilities Engineer for the Town of Sherman, CT and is a weekend vintner.

Melissa Edyn

Melissa Edyn makes her debut in our web series ONE WIFE TO GIVE as Phyllis Brightman.  Melissa is a senior in college and will be heading off to law school in September 2015. She enjoys acting in Whatsit Productions Films' and partaking in other art forms. She is 22 years old and her favorite thing to do is go to the beach. 

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